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Review: Proteus Advanced
Light Sound Stimulation System

Easy to use, feature-rich unit is excellent

I am loving these light-and-sound machines, and the Proteus is no exception.

I think people can really benefit from these meditation tools. They really help you focus and reach levels of meditation that are very soothing, energizing and enriching. The Proteus Audio Visual Stimulation System, or light-and-sound machine (sometimes referred to as "mind machines") differs from the others I've tried in several ways.

First, the MultiColor LiteFrames are excellent. They have red and green LEDs -- green for tranquility, red for activation, and more than 250 combinations of the two. The visual effects from these glasses are much more intense than Proteusthe others I've tried (see my other reviews, listed below), and I found them very pleasant and invigorating.

Proteus has an improved AudioStrobe decoding circuitry. This allows the unit to play AudioStrobe-encoded CDs, available at a variety of sites, including  MindPlace for enhanced listening with a synchronized "light show"; these are awesome for relaxing and exploring other realms in your own mind.

One of the most impressive features of the Proteus is the ability to connect the unit to your computer and transfer new programs to the unit with the included serial transfer cable. This is so cool! You can actually download the Proteus Editor free from their website and download new sessions or create your own! This vastly increases the range and versatility of the Proteus Audio Visual Stimulation System.

Proteus ships with 50 sessions preprogrammed in its main bank. In all, you can store 199 sessions and four audio waveforms at one time, all of which can be edited.

The user manual is easy to follow -- that's good, because of all the features! Operation is intuitive. The listing of the 50 preprogrammed sessions includes sessions for peak performance, tranquility, learning, well-being, visualization, energy, deep rest and "pyrotechnics." Each session begins with a "soft on" and ends with a "soft off." In other words, the sound and lights come on and off slowly rather than abruptly.

I really enjoyed using the Proteus light-and-sound machine. I especially enjoyed the red-and-green LED LiteFrames. They are a BIG plus.

It's better together with the ThoughtStream biofeedback unit! I got my Proteus and ThoughtStream units from my favorite "brain store": MindPlace!